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Free Shuttle Bus Time Table

A free shuttle bus runs between Lotte Arai Resort and Joetsu Myoko Station (west exit). Reservations for the shuttle (required) need to be made by 17:00 of the day before your planned visit. They can be made via the form below (in Japanese) or call us at 0225-75-1100. Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.
*An operational hours are might change due to a road condition and so on.

Shuttle Bus to Lotte Arai Resort
Leave from Joetsu Myoko Station. Arrival at Lotte Arai Resort
8:50 9:20
12:10 12:40
14:40 15:10
17:30 18:00
20:30 21:00
22:50 23:20
Shuttle Bus to Joetsu Myoko Station
Leave from Lotte Arai Resort Arrival at Joetsu Myoko Station
7:20 7:50
10:40 11:10
13:30 14:00
16:05 16:35
19:00 19:30
21:40 22:10