Ski Resort Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Objective

All snow-related sports and play on the grounds operated by this company will be conducted according to the following provisions outlined in this agreement. Regarding those matters not stipulated in this agreement, pursuant to the provisions of laws and ordinances, this company shall comply with the "National Ski Safety Standards" (National Ski Safety Council, October 2013, revised edition), as well as social normative behavior, in such cases.

Article 2: Notice

1. This company will make the best effort possible to operate the ski resort in a manner that protects the safety of all guests, but we ask that you read and understand the following Articles and Items so that mishaps and accidents do not occur.

2. Guests should be aware that the following specific dangers are present at the ski resort, and make effort to actively avoid them.
(1) Weather conditions such as falling snow, rain, strong winds, lightning, hail, heavy fog.
(2) Terrain such as cliffs, steep slopes, terrain irregularities.
(3) Snow and ice dangers such as ice burn, deep snow, crevasses, cracks and avalanches.
(4) Natural obstacles such as rocks, bushes, stumps, standing trees, and exposed ground surface.
(5) Artificial obstacles such as lift posts, buildings, nigh ski light support columns, weather observation posts, and surveillance camera posts.
(6) The approach of and collision with other guests.
(7) The dangers of your own mistakes.
(8) Other similar risks.

Article 3: Prohibited Items

1. Skiing outside the resort managed areas is strictly prohibited. Moreover, within the managed grounds, the avalanche control areas, provisionally closed areas and the completely off-limits areas require special attention from guests. Also, understand that the act of "ducking" ropes is strictly prohibited. Finally, please observe our Arai Rules (separately defined).
2. Please do not allow your children to play or ski unattended or in areas, you cannot observe them.
3. Drones, radio-controlled models and similar are prohibited on resort grounds.
4. The resort will not be responsible for accidents caused by guest ignorance or neglect of the rules as in set down in this document.
5. The resort will refuse the use of the ski grounds to persons unable or unwilling to comply with Items 1 through 4.

Article 4: Rules of Conduct

Skiing and snowboarding both have an inherent number of dangers associated with them, especially since they involve speed. Thus responsible behavior is paramount in the prevention of accidents involving yourself and others. Please be sure to observe the following rules at the resort.
1. Never threaten or harm others.
2. Regulate your speed according to environmental elements such as topography, weather, snow quality, skill, physical condition, congestion, etc., and always be ready and willing to stop to avoid danger.
3. Be mindful of persons in front of you.
4. Be sure to leave enough space between yourself and persons you are overtaking.
5. When starting out, merging onto a new slope, or crossing a slope, always be sure to carefully check back up-slope to ensure the safety of all.
6. Never seat yourself in the middle of a slope. Refrain also from stopping in places that cannot easily be seen from narrow passages or up-slope. And if you fall, please quickly get up so as not to block the slope.
7. When climbing, walking or stopping along the slopes, please do so along the edges.
8. So as not to endanger other guests, be sure to stop according to need and circumstance.
9. Obey all posted signs and broadcasts, and follow the instructions of staff and ski patrol at all times.
10. In the event of an accident, cooperate with rescue efforts and reports. Please identify yourself regardless of whether you are a witness or directly/indirectly involved.

Article 5: Guest Responsibilities

1. This resort reserves the right to seek reimbursement for damages and compensation expenses caused by guest negligence.
2. The resort will rely upon fire and police department aid for rescue operations in regards to resort guests or their acquaintances who violate Article 2, Paragraph 3 of this agreement by skiing in off-limits areas and thus require help.
3. The resort ski patrol shall be the main active agency regarding rescue efforts outside of resort-managed grounds when so requested by the police, fire or related government departments.
4. Once the rescue effort has been completed, we will request payment via statement detailing the search and rescue expenses, including, but not limited to, snow equipment costs, ropeway operation costs, lighting electricity costs, and similar.
5. We cannot assume responsibility for the theft of skis, snowboards, or related equipment within the resort-managed grounds, ski lockers or racks, any of the parking lots, except when intentional negligence on the part of this company can be proven.

Article 6: Acts of Nature

We may suspend the operation of some or all of the ski resort grounds, lifts and/or courses if there is a possibility that guest safety cannot be ensured due to weather, natural disaster, or other acts of nature.

Article 7: Crime and Radical Organizations

We reserve the right to refuse service to designated organized crime groups, anti-social groups and their members, as well as, any violent or radical-action organization and their members, under the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (effective March 1, 1992).

Supplementary provision
This agreement is effective as of December 1, 2017.

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