Ski / Snowboard Rental

Lotte Arai Resort has partnered with Salomon Station for rentals!

From kids to adult sizes, Salomon Station stocks a variety of high-end gear and wear in a variety of color and design from makers across the spectrum, allowing you to enjoy the slopes using the equipment that suits you the most. Whether its skis or snowboards, due to the nature of sports, gear safety comes even before experience or technique. Salomon Station at Lotte Arai Resort has S-B-B certified technicians as recommended by the Association of Japan Ski Promotion, and thus assembly, adjustment and inspection of gear meets ISO 11088 standards.

Rental Shop Hours per Operation Period

Dec. 16, 2017 – Mar. 18, 2018 7:30 – 20:30
Mar. 19 – May 6, 2018 7:30 – 16:30

Rental Prices

Rental Types 1-day 2-day Additional 1-day
Adult High-end Set (skis, boots, poles / snowboard, boots) 7,500 14,500 6,500
Standard Set(skis, boots, poles / snowboard) 5,000 9,500 4,000
Snow Wear Full(jacket, pants) 3,500 6,700 3,000
High-end Single Items(skis, poles / snowboard) 6,000 11,600 5,300
Standard Single Items(skis, poles / snowboard) 4,200 7,400 3,100
Boots(ski boots / snowboard boots) 2,600 5,000 2,300
Ski Poles 900 1,700 800
Jacket Only 2,400 4,600 2,100
Pants Only 2,400 4,600 2,100
Boots 900 1,700 800
Helmet 900 1,700 800
Child Standard Set(ski, boots, poles / snowboard / snowboard, boots) 4,200 7,300 2,900
Wear Full(jacket, pants) 3,000 5,400 2,300
Standard Single Items(skis, poles / snowboard) 3,000 5,200 2,100
Boots(ski boots / snowboard boots) 1,400 2,700 1,200
Ski Poles 700 1,300 600
Jacket Only 1,800 3,400 1,500
Pants Only 1,800 3,400 1,500
Boots 900 1,700 800
Helmet 900 1,700 800
* yen

Standard Gear

These are part of standard models which Arai Salomon Station offers. The gears are easy to handle and situates every situation. They also can be recommended to beginners.



X-MAX / 140cm - 176cm / The most easiest all-round ski to handle in X-MAX series. A kart blocker helps a skier enjoy every situation on groomed frozen slope. A new equipping binding helps you feel degree of freedom.



X-RACE JR / 70cm - 140cm / This is entry type ski adopting a X-RACE concept for a racing junior class. It's the best one to be the cool junior skier. A variety of sizes copes with wide generation in junior.



This XDR 84 Ti encourages your sense of humor. It supports wide variety of snow condition, such as speedy compacted snow, and powder snow which require a sense of balance. New introduced C/FX absorbs vibration and makes stability. You never get tired because it's very light.

High-End Gear

We strongly recommend that you rental high-end gear! There are a lot of gears which perform a strong ride for this most deep snow area in Japan.



SKIS N QST 118 Dark Blue / 185cm×2 192cm×2 / QST118 is the most flexible gear in the series. Full Twin Rocker makes great buoyancy which helps you go through deep powder. It successed to be lighten while keeping great power like metals by adopting C/FX layer as reinforcing materials. It also has a stability so you can enjoy aggressive skiing.

Rental Exchange Policy

Skis / Snowboards
  • The shop cannot make size or type exchanges once equpment has been rented. (Standard models.)
  • For a fee of 2000 yen, equipment may exchanged, one time only, on the day of rental. (Expert models only.)

  • Rental boots that do not fit may be exchanged if the customer brings their application and the boots to the rental shop.

  • The shop cannot make size or type exchanges once wear has been rented. (Standard models.)
  • For a fee of 2000 yen, equipment may exchanged, one time only, on the day of rental. (Expert models only.)

Equipment Trouble

Defective Rental Equipment
・Problems handling the equipment should be brought to the attention of rental shop or Lotte Arai Resort Information staff.
Notes: Customers should never try to make adjustments to the equipment themselves.
Customers stranded on the slopes due to equipment malfunction should get the attention of the nearest Lotte Arai Resort staff member.

In the event of theft or loss…
・Rental customers should take their application to the rental shop.

Skier Types

Skier Types (Skiers Only)
I: Low-speed skier on beginner or immediate level slopes – cautious skier
II: All skiers who are not Type I or III.
III: Skis medium to steep slopes at high speeds – bold skier.

Snowboard Settings

Snowboard Settings (Snowboarders Only)
R: Regular Stance (Left Foot Forward)
G: Goofy Stance (Right Foot Forward)

High-end Rentals

With Intermediate and Expert level skiers in mind, Salomon Station has stocked the latest, high-end equipment.
They are perfect for those who find standard equipment lacking or wish to improve with the newest, best possible equipment. Enjoy yourself knowing you'll be getting the most out of your experience with us.

Theft / Loss / Damage

In the unfortunate event of theft, loss or damage, the following fees will be charged.
Stolen or Lost: Full compensation of item(s) / Damage: Depending on condition

High-end Skis / Snowboard Price
Standard Skis / Snowboard 30,000
Boots 20,000
Poles 5,000
Wear 20,000
Accessories 5,000
* yen