Myoko Sake Brewery Tour

There are three sake breweries in Myoko. Made from an age's old traditional recipe, Myoko sake's derives its characteristic mild and delicate flavor from clean mountain waters and fertile rice fields. The proprietors are all eager to welcome you and help you deepen your knowledge of sake.

Chiyo No Hikari Brewery

Making sake in Myoko since 1860. Despite the small size of the brewery, all out sake products are traditionally and carefully crafted with exacting precision. It is characterized by a distinctive drinking quality that combines softness with lightness.


Tour seasonYear-round (Reservations required)
Visiting hours09:00~16:00 (Up to 5 people per group accepted)
Contact information0255-72-2814
AddressNiigata Prefecture Myoko Kubomatsubara 656

Kiminoi Brewery

Founded in 1842, Kiminoi has a 175-year history of brewing sake utilizing a traditional brewing method that uses natural yeast and no mashing. It takes great pride in this history and technical knowledge. Within the 100-year-old structure of the building, under the beams that withstand the heavy snows of winter, visitors can view rice cooking kettles and steaming vats that have been in-use for generations, and which have been featured in commercials. In addition, the brewery offers free samples of seasonal sakes made in-house.


Tour seasonYear-round, though there are times it may not be possible (Please call in advance)
Visiting hours08:30~18:00 (Up to 20 people per group accepted)
Contact information0255-72-3136
AddressNiigata Prefecture Myoko Shitamachi 3-11

Ayumasamune Sake Brewery

The Saruhashi area of Myoko, which is known for Ayumasamune brand sake, receives some of the heaviest snowfalls in Niigata Prefecture, and it is enveloped entirely in deep snow over 2 meters during peak winter. During this time, the temperature of the storehouse stabilizes at about 5 degrees Celsius, creating a clean, stable environment most suitable for the sake brewing process wherein delicate adjustments can be required. It was within this natural environment that "Ayumasamune" was born of rice selected from the prefecture and via the skilled hands of the chief brewer. Blessed with snow and water from the purest of mountain valleys, the skilled brewers put their heart and soul into making the sake.


Tour seasonYear-round, Sundays, national holidays, some Saturdays (Reservations required)
Visiting hours09:00~17:00 (Up to 10 people per group accepted)
Contact information0255-75-2231
AddressNiigata Prefecture Myoko Ooaza Saruhashi 636