Activity Park Zipline

Easy access via the covered Moving Belt (which measures 167 meters), the Zipline is available year-round! Guests and visitors alike are welcome to enjoy the thrill!


  • You must be 120 cm tall or over, and weigh 100 kg and under
  • Hours: 8:30 - 16:30 (acceptance - 16:00)
  • Duration: approximately 15 minutes
  • We may refuse you to play it when you can't wear a harness safely.
  • An adult should sign a written oath when a child plays it.
  • An IC card for Adult and Child must be bought separately.
  • Price

    1-ride ticket
    Adult 1,000yen
    Child 700yen
    3-ride ticketAdult 2,000yen
    Child 1,400yen

    * Child: 6 to 12 years old * This ticket can be shared with Zip Line.

    Please note

    • The following guests are prohibited from using the area
      • Inebriated guests
      • Guests in poor physical condition
      • Pregnant guests
      • Customers with heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc.
      • Guests taking perscription medication
      • Guests deems unable to use the area by staff
    • Depending on weather conditions, the area may not be available for use.
    • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. Please refrain from smoking once you have put on your harness.
    • Please note that Lotte Arai Resort cannot accept responsibility for any damage to clothing (tree sap, falling, etc.), or damage to or loss of personal items while using the facility.
    • Please follow staff instructions at all times. If staff should determine that a guest's actions are a danger to themselves or others, then the offending guest will be asked to leave.
    • Lotte Arai Resort cannot assume responsibility for injuries due to falls or other situations, so please be mindful of personal safety.
    • Please understand that once registration is finished, we cannot issue a refund.
    • Please understand that staff may photograph you while you are using the facilities, but that such media will only be used for PR purposes.
    • For activities other than Tubing and Bouldering, all guests must be able to wear a harness safety, otherwise they will not be able to participate.
    • Participants may not be barefoot, wearing sandals, heels, or skirts.
    • At least 1 guardian must be present for every 1 small child, and at least 1 guardian must be present for every 2 children 9 years or older.
    • We cannot accept responsibility for accidents caused by the carelessness of any individual. Please use and enjoy the facilities responsibly.
    • Some age, height and weight restrictions apply. Moreover, we reserve the right to refuse service to guests or visitors who are unable to wear the required harness safely, and/or based on the judgement of trained staff regarding guest/visitor attitude, health condition or sobriety.